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Associate with ReSolutionaries, Inc.

The work of ReSolutionaries is based in the fundamental belief that all young people deserve to thrive in schools that value and engage every student as a crucial member of the school community. ReSolutionaries works closely with school staff, students, and parents to develop systems and practices to support relationships that lead to student learning and success. We are passionate about supporting schools all the way through the process of implementing Restorative Justice Practices to strengthen school climate, culture and discipline.

Associates first meet with a school to determine what is already in place and what type of restorative justice practices need to be implemented. Over the course of 3-5 years, in teams of 2, Associates work with school administration, designated building-level implementation team members, all staff, students and parents to provide training and support that is relevant to each individual school’s culture and expressed need for restorative justice practices.

Responsibilities include:

●    Design, coordinate and execute, in partnership with other ReSolutionaries Associates, trainings for school staff, students and parents in restorative practices and/or restorative justice

●    Provide coaching, debriefing, communication support and mentoring to school staff and student and parent groups throughout school year

●    Create and maintain positive relationships with school staff, students and parents

●    Create annual school plans for implementation of restorative practices along with other ReSolutionaries Associate, school administration and other staff

●    Respond to changing needs in school environment and adjust trainings and school plan as necessary

●    Collaborate with ReSolutionaries Lead Associates, Director and school administration to ensure school support is effective, relevant and skillful

●    Ability to work independently on several projects simultaneously, while also able to collaborate with other Associates

●    Attend team meetings every other month

●    Track school budgets and plan trainings accordingly

●    Maintain invoices and submit monthly to Lead Associate and bookkeeper

●    Collaborate with ReS team on creation and maintenance of ReSolutionaries curriculum and materials

●    Maintain files on Google Drive/Docs

●    Other responsibilities as needed within scope of work and skill

●    Utilize various forms of communication for meetings with ReSolutionaries associates and with school staff, including phone and video conferencing

●    Travel to schools within Denver Metro area

●    Participate in professional development


●    A strong commitment to and trust in the values, philosophy and practices of restorative justice practices

●    Knowledge of Cultural Responsiveness (equity) work

●    Knowledge of Implementation Science

●    3 years experience working in a school setting (preferably as a teacher or administrator who has implemented restorative practices)

●    3 years experience facilitating restorative justice circles or implementing restorative practices

●    Ability to connect with individuals and groups around difficult, tense, emotional, and controversial issues that arise within a school setting

●    Capacity for systems thinking in order to understand of dynamics, politics, rhythm and systems of schools and school districts

●    Excellent communication skills, including familiarity with nonviolent communication and ability to train large and small groups of both students and adults

●    Flexibility to be able to work with dynamic and changing circumstances, including schedules and plans

●    Ability to work collaboratively and give and receive feedback to and from school staff and ReSolutionaries team

●    Proficiency in Microsoft Office, Google Docs

●    Experience with graphic design a plus

●    Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Communications, Education, Psychology or related field preferred

●    Bilingual preferred

●    Valid driver’s license and ability to travel within Denver Metro Area


●    Independent contractor at starting rate of $25/hour for non-contact hours and $50/hour for contact hours. Rates double after 6-month provisional trial period. Beginning Associates work approx 20-30 hours per month and earn $24-30K per year. Senior Associates may request to have more hours, and earn $30-90K per year (provided hours are available within scope of contracts with schools).

●   Benefits are not provided

●    Associates must have their own business, and carry standard Automobile Liability Insurance covering any auto (including owned, hired and non-owned autos) with a minimum limit of $1,000,000 each accident combined single limit, and all other State legislated workers’ compensation insurance coverage and any other insurance as may be legally required.

Associates must be available end of July through beginning of August, which is the heavy training season for ReSolutionaries.

If interested in applying, please send cover letter, resume, and references to Summer Deaton b​y July 7th​ at i​nfo@resolutionariesinc.com.​

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