Update from Beverly 7/27/14

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I am blessed with such an incredibly wise and caring community, and I love you all very much. I am convinced that it is you all who have gotten me this far in as good a shape as I’m in. First, I have decided that it doesn’t serve me to continue to assault my body with chemo.

Thanks to the support of family and friends, I am connecting with various nontraditional healers. I’m experiencing several right now to get a feel for which ones seem like the best fit.

I had a session yesterday, and another scheduled for tomorrow, on a Crystal Light Bed where John of God Entities worked on me. I didn’t experience any sensation during the hour of lying on the bed, but I noticed that afternoon that I felt especially good.

I had an assessment session with a psychic healer who works on the astral plane. That happened while I was sleeping and for this first assessment, I had to be at least 3.5 feet away from anyone else, to not comingle our energies. Bummer ~ David slept in another bedroom. Just one night, but one too many! He found blockages in my 5th and 6th chakras, but said I had good energy and he could work with me.beverly_title

I had several Jin Shin Jyutsuthat session, that were profound. I will be getting those treatments twice a day for a week in Boulder. This is a hands-on energy work that is ancient and powerful. I’m so grateful for all the little miracles that lined up to make this happen!

And lastly, Traditional Chinese Medicine ~ I think the story left off with wanting to bring Dr. Zhou from Chinese. Due to family circumstances, he will not be able to come. Today, Summer located a TCM doctor who works with oncology in DENVER! I called her office number about 4:45, and she answered the phone herself. When I told her my story she said, “You need to see me right away!” I have an appointment tomorrow at noon. Once again, I am feeling the little miracles just stack up as the Universe responds to all the prayers you all keep sending up.

I had a blood test today, and it was the best results I’ve had in a long time. No need for transfusions at this point. Let me hear a big HALLELUJAH!

I guess you can feel my sense of encouragement coming through. It’s been a while since I’ve felt excited, and I’m not certain I’ve found ‘the’ answer, but I feel like I’ve found some wonderful possibilities. BIG love for all of who are moving this along, whether through prayer or other direct action. Blessings for you all!


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