Teaching Peace: A Restorative Justice Framework for Strengthening Relationships

To read more about our founder’s pioneering work in restorative processes in the criminal justice system get a copy of the Teaching Peace book.

Teaching Peace introduces restorative justice with the story of how one community embraced this ancient practice and used it to transform their approach to justice – and found a framework for living rich and meaningful lives.

By using restorative principles in daily life, we can learn to prevent most conflicts and resolve those that do occur in a way that honors the dignity of all parties. The 5 R’s are a gateway to enhance relationships with family, friends, neighbors and coworkers.

  • While reading this book, I was listening to the voices of a friend, a teacher, a peacemaker, a storyteller, an academic, a philosopher and a member of the community.

    Pablo Carvajal
    Pablo Carvajal Restorative Justice Professional
  • In reading this book, I felt like I was sitting at the feet of one of the wise elders in the world of restorative justice. I believe we are privileged to be able to learn from the rich experiences of such a respected sage as Beverly Title.

    Dr. Tom Cavanagh
    Dr. Tom Cavanagh Restorative Justice Practitioner and Researcher
  • What better way to introduce the concept (of restorative justice) than through stories?  I like the way it is organized around the "5 R's" and that it pulls insights and principles out of the stories throughout in an inviting way.

    Dr. Howard Zehr
    Dr. Howard Zehr Author of Changing Lenses