Students Don’t Learn From People They Don’t Like

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Rita Pierson is an educator to emulate.  She conveys how important Relationship is in educating our youth:

Unless there is a connection between teacher, student and lesson, learning becomes tiresome to all involved. Veteran educator, James Comer, states that, “No significant learning occurs without a significant relationship.” Yet, the value of relationships is often downplayed or ignored completely in teacher preparation programs. Even more disturbing is the lack of useable information on the relationship building process. There is the belief among some that camaraderie between teachers and students leads to unprofessional familiarity or places the teacher in a weakened position in the classroom. Nothing could be further from the truth. Strong relationships encourage learner exploration, dialogue, confidence, and mutual respect.

In this touching 8-minute TED talk you will be inspired by the love and caring this powerful woman gives to every child in her classroom.

We are educators.  We are born to make a difference.
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