Successfully address discipline issues in the classroom and keep students thriving in school!

Use restorative practices and more time for teaching than your peers. Your classrooms can be calm with extremely positive energy. Referrals to the principal’s office will be way down and your students will be suspended at a fraction of the national average. And, your students’ test scores will go up. Your students will feel valued and engaged. Spend less time and energy managing behavior so you will have more for teaching!

A special opportunity to learn straight from Beverly Title, Co-founder of ReSolutionaries, Inc.. A concise 20-minute distillation of her 40 years of experience in the field of restorative practices and the framework for how to put her powerful work into action in your own life any time you are experiencing conflict.

To read more about our founder’s pioneering work in restorative processes in the criminal justice system get a copy of the Teaching Peace book.

Bullying has been greatly misunderstood, and we, as adults, are generally misguided in the advice that we give to children about how to deal with bullying. Recent research offers new information and a basis for improved strategies to address this type of conflict.

New courses are currently in development, be sure to check back from time to time for additional opportunities to enhance your relationship to conflict by incorporating restorative processes in more areas of your life.