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Creating Culturally Responsive Classrooms:


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Poor race relations and lack of equity are at the forefront of the world’s biggest challenges, and there is no way to keep this out of our classrooms.

Knowing how to create a culturally responsive classroom where all children thrive is the most vital skill set for teachers in today’s climate. When you transform your classroom not only do your students win, but you win too. With so much division wouldn’t it be great to be able to help your students become allies and leaders?

With strong relationships in your classroom you will create a safe haven and inspire agents of change….both of which are going to make your job a whole lot easier and help your students thrive!

Teachers who use restorative processes in the classroom have much more energy at the end of the day than their peers.

Our clients describe a drastic difference in the way their classroom feels and cannot believe how much more calm and positive it has become. The weight of having to maintain order is shared with their students and they report feeling a heavy load lifted. They love seeing attendance and test scores improve because their kids feel heard, safe, and engaged.


“Without relationship there is no engagement and without engagement there is no learning. Restorative Practices give me tools for building and maintaining strong relationships in my classroom.”

– Elementary School Teacher




Is full of rich collaboration and peers who treat each other as allies?


Accelerates learning and bridges the achievement gap?


Daily energizes you and affirms why you became a teacher?


Is set up to solve problems internally rather than sending kids to the office?


Has a system of concrete tools to respond to behavior in a way that builds positive relationships and promotes respect?


Naturally addresses the needs of culturally/linguistically diverse students?


Is the shining example of what equity looks like in action?


Fosters meaningful relationships with and among your students?


Feels calm and positive with students who are ready and able to engage and learn?


Is a safe haven for all your students?



Now more than ever, classrooms must feel inclusive and foster understanding. At the same time teachers need discipline structures to manage challenging behavior.


  With restorative practices you can create accountability within a context of care. Restorative practices let you be tough on problems without alienating those involved.


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“Restorative Practices allow me to balance the power structure and support equity in the classroom.”

– High School Teacher

There is no doubt teaching is THE HARDEST PROFESSION ON THE PLANET. Using Restorative Practices makes it easier for you. You are so courageous to do this job!

Our clients love the practical tools that help them deal with the complex challenges their students face. Using our relationship-first approach they promote accountability within a context of care and witness their once challenging classrooms become noticeably more self-managing.



It’s important that my classroom be a place of inclusion and I still have content to teach; how do I balance these things?


I feel the urgency to incorporate social justice in my classroom but am not sure how to do it


I feel like I’ve tried everything to build trust and respect and it’s still not enough to support all my students


Outside influences, such as the media, tend to carry a negative and hateful tone; how do I counter-balance that in my classroom?


I wish I knew how to better deal with the rise of hate and conflict and create a safe place to talk about these very real issues


I want my students to know that it’s okay to disagree, but I’m afraid to open Pandora’s box


What can I do to engage and get through to the handful of students who are checked out?


I know racism needs to be discussed but is this really something I can get into?

Case Study

One of our favorite turnaround stories comes from a middle school math teacher who was initially very resistant to using restorative practices in her classroom, saying, “I have to fit 60 minutes of content into a 45 minute block; I do not have time to use a Connection Circle in my class!”

We encouraged her to give it a try, and now she says, “Getting through content goes so much faster than it used to, my teaching is much more efficient than ever before!”

Now that her students feel connected to each other, to her, and her to them, they are present and engaged in what she is teaching.

Connection Circles have created a culture of safety and trust in the classroom.

If she forgets to do a connection circle, her students are quick to remind her. She now uses a connection circle in EVERY class period, and can’t imagine teaching without them.

It is true that using Restorative Practices requires an investment of time upfront, and spare time is not something any teacher has. But today’s issues are not going to go away and tools are needed to address what’s come to the surface.

What we’ve seen over and over again, and is evidenced in the story above, is that teachers who make the upfront investment are reaping massive long-term benefits. Connection Circles are one of the many valuable tools you’ll learn to transform your classroom culture.

We’d love to have you join our community and enjoy these same positive results.

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“Now I have strong caring relationships with my students, otherwise it is like pouring water over a barrier, nothing goes in.”

– Middle School Teacher

What you will gain


A solid foundation in restorative practices and principles


A community of like-minded educators to learn, grow, and build restorative muscles with


Concrete restorative tools that you can apply immediately


Confidence in your new skill set as you experience the transformation in your students and classroom


Access to and support from expert ReSolutionaries coaches as you navigate your specific implementation challenges


Shelter from the storm

ReSolutionaries has a well-established track record of integrating restorative practices systemically into schools, transforming school and classroom culture.

Understanding that not every school has the resources or the leadership to engage ReSolutionaries in a school-wide effort, and responding to the high demand for restorative tools by teachers around the world, ReSolutionaries has developed this online training and community of practice to support you and your students.

We have carefully designed this training with YOU in mind!

Having worked with hundreds of teachers, and informed by research-based practices from the field of Implementation Science, we know that training alone does not create lasting impact.

Along with the practical content, you will also receive regular group coaching calls so that you have support to successfully implement the skills you are learning.

When questions arise, you have access to the ReSolutionaries team of veteran mentors on monthly community coaching calls and in our private Facebook Community of Practice.

We’ve made sure you don’t have to go into uncharted territory alone. We’ve got your back.

Build #circlesNOTwalls

“Using Restorative Practices has significantly decreased time out of class and school for students. They give kids and teachers tools that they leverage outside of school. Long-term I see the use of Restorative Practices builds emotional intelligence in students.”

– High School Teacher

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Now you can have


Renewed passion for teaching


Improved attendance rates


An inclusive classroom where all voices are valued


A solution to end the school-to-prison pipeline and close the achievement gap


Strengthened relationships with your students


Students who feel valued, happier, engaged, and ready to learn


Overall decrease in challenging behavior in your classroom


Enhanced empathy and character development for your students


Alternatives to referrals and punitive discipline


Students who are intrinsically motivated, depending less on external rewards


Alternatives to referrals and punitive discipline


Students who are intrinsically motivated, depending less on external rewards


Suspension rates falling below the national average


Higher test scores when your students stay in the classroom, rather than in the office or suspended at home

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“My time and energy is too valuable NOT to use restorative practices. It’s the main way I practice self-care in the classroom.”

– High School Teacher


Enjoy anytime access to the material and digest at your own pace

Module 1

Foundational 5Rs Framework

We introduce you to the five guiding principles that run through all of our work in restorative practices in the opening module, and give you a framework and lens that you can use to evaluate whether activities or practices are in fact restorative. Here you will find space to reflect on your current approach and explore restorative alternatives.

Module 2

Connection Circles

Connection Circles are the basic building block of Restorative Practices. They provide consistent opportunities for relationship building in your classroom. With this powerful tool, you’ll create a culture of safety, trust, and connection that will help you prevent conflict and disruption.

Module 3

Equity in Action

Restorative Practices are equity in action.” -Summer Deaton, CEO ReSOLUTIONARIES As we continue to develop relationship in the classroom, it is important to be intentional about how we promote culture in our community.

Module 4

Restorative Practices Basics

Understanding the stark difference between traditional punitive discipline and restorative approaches will help you to build your restorative mindset. You will learn the core concepts that are essential to effectively implement restorative practices in your classroom.

Module 5

Behavior As Communication

Despite prevention efforts, sometimes challenging behavior does persist. In this module, you will begin to view conflict as an opportunity for connection. We explore the meaning of your student’s behaviors and examine our reactions to them. You will gain a new vocabulary of restorative language for everyday communication with your students, helping you earn more relationship currency.

Module 6

Restorative Agreement Conversations

This is a tool for teachers and students to have a way to solve issues in the classroom, and is the 5 R’s in action. It gives both students and teacher a chance to express what is not working from an asset-focused lens. The Restorative Agreement Conversation is a key process for teachers to handle behavior in their classroom without needing to send students to the principal’s office.

Module 7

Conversations of Courage

An invitation to begin the conversation around inequities in education as well as patterns of disproportionality and their unavoidable relationship to race. Equity work is often challenging and uncomfortable. It is critical to be mindful of RELATIONSHIPS and RESPECT in order to ensure a safe and supportive dialogue that has an effective outcome.

“The coaching I get from the ReSolutionaries Team is the most impactful coaching I’ve EVER received.”

– Elementary School Teacher

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Join us in our virtual living room. It’s a think-tank thought-shop designed to give you support and immediate feedback.



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Every month you can join our team for a no-holds barred coaching call. It’s a chance to pick our brains & tap into the wisdom of our community. These calls are recorded, so even if you can’t attend live you can listen later.




Ask industry leading experts, specific questions about difficult students or challenging behaviors that you face in your classroom. Even if you could get access to these people, it would cost your school $10K for a day of PD.

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“Because I’m using restorative practices in my classroom I leave school the end of each day with less weight on my shoulders.”

– Middle School Teacher

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Creating Culturally Responsive Classrooms:

Online Training & Community of Practice

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