Celebrating The Life of Beverly Title


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Dearest Friends and Colleagues,

It is with a combination of deep sadness and celebration of an extraordinary life that we share today the passage on Friday, September 12th, of our dearest Beverly “BB” Title, peacebuilder, author, way-shower, courageous teacher, facilitator, businesswoman, mother, and friend to all. BB had made the decision to discontinue treatment other than for her pain management, and she spent the last weeks of her life at home, surrounded by family and loved ones, in a space of deep sanctuary and love. She was not in pain and transitioned peacefully in her sleep. For this we are so deeply grateful–and that she was able to move onto the next adventure–as she would call it–in the way that she did.

Our hearts are broken at her loss, but she asks us to celebrate her life now, to celebrate this life in general, and to make extraordinary use of the time that we do have here together.  Even in her passing is the great energy of joy, courage, life, and opening to perspectives that allow for a larger grace to alight, even when our eyes yet have the ability to see the greater picture. We learned a great deal from BB in her trials with leukemia: to take light and humor with you everywhere–everywhere; to not be afraid to be transparent about one’s humanity and experiences; to be open to healing and possibility even when it may not come to you in the form you may be seeking; to extend your hearth, heart, and love even in your greatest of trials. And so much more.

Beverly devoted her life to peace, to restorative practices, to dialogue and storytelling. The spiral necklace that she wore and that was her favorite emblem is now more apropos than ever–the circle that we all are and share, and the journey that ebbs in and out, up and down, eternally. BB’s life was like that spiral–of selfless service to our children when she helped pave the way for a National Bullying Prevention movement, and in our schools as she supported a new–yet old–understanding of circle processes and going to the root of conflict in peaceful ways; to the beginnings of Teaching Peace and the divinely driven journey that led her to Colorado, and her most incredible achievement in her daughter Summer. BB is remembered as one of the Grandmothers of RJ and Peacebuilding, and a selfless leader-servant who helped build one of the strongest restorative justice programs in our entire country with LCJP.

BB was and is loved by a worldwide community of tens of thousands, and she loved you back equally.

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