Bullying Conflict: Research and Reality What Everyone Needs to Know About Bullying

This special report provides a solid overview of the research-based findings on bullying.  It is unrealistic to believe that others will do the extensive literature review needed to cull the most essential understandings of bullying and bully prevention.


Bullying has been greatly misunderstood, and we, as adults, are generally misguided in the advice that we give to children about how to deal with bullying. Recent research offers new information and a basis for improved strategies to address this type of conflict.

Bullying is on the minds of educators, students and parents these days.

We all grew up with certain beliefs about bullying, however, research into this particular form of violence has uncovered some very interesting information.  Until recently bullying has been greatly misunderstood, and adults may be misguided in the advice that they give to children and youth about how to deal with bullying.  Research has guided some evidence-based strategies to address this particularly troublesome type of conflict.

Beverly Title, Ph.D. was the program developer for one of the first, national bullying prevention programs, called No Bullying, that was based on the research from Dr.  Dan Olweus from the University of Bergen in Norway.

Dr. Olweus has been publishing on this topic since 1972 and is considered the “Founding Father” of research on problems of bullying and victimization.

Olweus’ research elucidated some characteristics of bully-victim conflict that distinguish it from normal peer conflict and discredited much of the folklore about bullies.

Beverly Title, Ph.D.
  • "I was first introduced to the concepts of conflict resolution in schools by Dr. Title who taught a class for our school district.  Her information was solid and very practical. With Beverly’s support, I was inspired to go further in teaching students these concepts and developed the Peace Place Program.  Beverly is a highly regarded expert in the field of conflict resolution, and has been a mentor and guide when it come to conflict and bullying in the schools.  She’s a wise woman with a wonderful heart!"

    Lisa Brunner School Counselor/SVVSD and Developer of the Peace Place Program
  • "I have observed Dr. Title’s work on bullying since she began in the 1980’s.  What I find most significant is that she has helped countless numbers of educators, parents, and youth find a clear path to end bullying and establish self respect."

    Anne Guilfoile Public Health Administrator
  • "Dr. Title deserves our highest praise for her work on bullying.  She is a true expert, both on the academic side and the practical side.  Her work is informed by research and guided by what she says she has ‘learned from the kids."

    Gene Myers Social Caseworker
  • “Beverly and I have been colleagues for over 20 years.  Meeting Beverly and having the opportunity to work professionally with her over the past 26 years, has been one of the smartest, most beneficial and impactful professional relationships I’ve made.  Beverly is the person I turn to when I need professional advice on bullying.  She knows evidence-based research and best practice approaches, and she gives solid, practical advice that staff members I supervise who work in our public schools can use in working with children and youth who are experiencing bullying."  

    Jen Brown St. Vrain Community Youth Service Professional