Building relationships in the most unlikely ways…

It’s amazing what can happen when we let others see the real us, even when we feel like what we are showing is “messy” or maybe “unprofessional”.  

The truth, as I know it, is that when we show others behind the mask they are able to relate and it gives us a powerful way to develop deep and meaningful connections.  

Case in point…one of our team members has been experiencing tremendous loss. In the last 3 weeks she has had to say goodbye to two of her dear, and also very young, friends.  Besides working at ReSolutionaries, she also works as a Restorative Practices coordinator at a middle school, and she was sharing with me today that she was concerned that she might not be able to get through her school day without tears.  

I talked to her about what a gift I thought it would be for her students and colleagues to see her just as she is, and that even if it felt messy or unprofessional, it is the truth of where she is today.  This is a picture of the gift one of her students gave her today, saying, “You looked sad.”  

Imagine how great her student felt being able to provide some comfort and the amount of safety that was created for that student knowing that it’s okay to feel sad sometimes.  

Building real relationships is about being honest, and it takes courage to show people (especially our students) behind the mask.

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