For nearly 20 years our team has pioneered and battle-tested restorative practices in the criminal justice system, education, organizations and families.

In 2009, ReSolutionaries, Inc. was founded by Dr. Beverly Title and Kappy Hall to integrate restorative practices systemically into schools, thereby transforming culture and tackling the ‘school to prison pipeline’.

Our clients include Compass Academy, Mapleton Early College, New America Schools, and over a dozen schools throughout the Aurora Public School District, CO’s 6th largest district.

In addition to pioneering work in schools, we now offer the same powerful tools to parents, teachers, and organizations.  With restorative processes and the ReSolutionary 5 R Framework we train people and organizations to solve problems at their roots, build strong relationships, enhance empathy, make equity possible, and transform culture.

  • Summer Deaton
    Summer Deaton CEO, ReSolutionaries, Inc

    Trained in restorative justice (RJ) in 1997, Summer started one of the first RJ programs at the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office in 2000, and later joined her mother and RJ pioneer, Beverly Title, at Teaching Peace, as the Director of Training and Operations, where she continued her engagement with Restorative Practices.

    Summer’s integrated understanding of restorative values provides a solid foundation for successful implementation and training in the field. Summer’s masterful ability to build coalitions & inspire collaboration has assisted her in forwarding the work and building an incredible team.  Her visionary nature, capacity for complexity, and innovative disposition are key elements of her leadership.

    In 2014 Summer became the CEO of ReSolutionaries, Inc. after founder, Beverly Title, passed away.  She is honored to carry on her mother’s legacy and continuing to chart new territory in schools with this profound work that has the power to change the temperament of the world.  

  • Beverly Title
    Beverly Title Co-Founder, Resolutionaries, Inc.

    Beverly [1945 – 2012] was an international trainer, consultant and keynote speaker who worked throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and South America. 21 years as a public school educator, Beverly specialized in alternative education and taught at every level from kindergarten through graduate school. She was the program developer of the No-Bullying Program published by the Hazelden Institute. She was cofounder of Teaching Peace and the Longmont Community Justice Partnership and received awards for leadership in restorative  justice.

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  • Kappy Hall
    Kappy Hall Co-Founder, Resolutionaries, Inc. and Senior Advisor

    In addition to over 20 years of experience as a teacher in secondary schools, Kappy has been a restorative practices consultant for the Boulder Valley School District and a trainer for the Restorative Justice Training Collaboration in Boulder County, Colorado. For eight years she facilitated a student-led restorative justice program at New Vista High School. She has also led the Student Equity Leadership Cohort at New Vista for four years and made presentations on intercultural competency to the restorative justice community.

  • Raul Galindo, M.A., L.P.C.
    Raul Galindo, M.A., L.P.C. Advisor

    Raul Galindo was born in Durango, Mexico and grew up in East Los Angeles. Raul taught elementary school for eight years for Los Angeles Unified School District and served as a substitute teacher for various high schools as well. After graduating from Naropa University with a master’s degree in Contemplative Psychotherapy, he began working with youth and families as a school-based therapist with the Boulder County Prevention and Intervention Program at various middle schools and high schools in the St. Vrain Valley School District.

    Raul brings with him extensive experience navigating the educational system as an advocate for families and teens. Raul was trained by Beverly Title in Restorative Justice in 2008 and served as circle facilitator for five years for the Longmont Community Justice Partnership. He has been a guest lecturer and a professor’s assistant for the graduate level Family Process course at Naropa University. He is a frequent presenter on various topics related to parenting issues for Parents Involved in Education. Raul believes that teaching people how to remain in relationship and be emotionally available for each other during stressful times, can truly heal the wounded heart.

  • Judy Hawkins
    Judy Hawkins Lead Associate

    Judy Hawkins recently retired from the field of public education after 35 years as a teacher, program director, assistant principal and principal at both the elementary and middle school levels in traditional and alternative settings.  She was instrumental in the beginnings of restorative work in her Colorado Springs School District and implemented trainings for both staff and students.

    For fourteen years, she served as Co-director of Colorado College’s Whiz Bang Science summer program for elementary students.

    In addition, she maintains a private practice in Educational Kinesiology. Her work connects brain integration through body movement to assist clients with learning challenges, daily stress and personal goals.

    Throughout her career, she has had a variety of opportunities as a public speaker and presenter on many topics.

  • Alicia Garcia
    Alicia Garcia Director of Connections

    Born and raised in Los Angeles of Puerto Rican background, Alicia was drawn to culturally responsive education and earned her master’s degree in Teaching in Diverse Contexts from the University of Colorado. She has taught elementary school and served as a Behavioral Interventionist and Restorative Coordinator. She began her training with ReSolutionaries in 2014.

    Alicia brings a strong commitment to student advocacy and relationship development. Her extensive film background is utilized greatly in capturing the power of restorative practices.

  • Ivette Visbal
    Ivette Visbal Equity Advisor

    Ivette Visbal is a native of Colombia and has lived in Colorado since 1986. Her 20 plus years as an educator, include 16 years as a teacher and advisor; a semester in Colima, Mexico, on a Fulbright Teacher Exchange; and the last five years, as Assistant Principal at New Vista High School.

    As adjunct faculty at Regis University and the University of Colorado-Denver, Ivette has taught graduate courses on Equity, Diversity, Multicultural Education and English Language Acquisition. Ivette’s expertise and experience in restorative justice since 2007 and on issues of equity for over 15 years have guided her to facilitate a student-led restorative justice program at her school.

    Ivette is currently working on expanding the RJ program to other schools in Boulder Valley School District.

  • Kelly Taylor Russell
    Kelly Taylor Russell Special Projects

    Kelly brings several years of experience in psychotherapy, education and restorative justice to her work with ReSolutionaries, Inc. She trained at Naropa University in Contemplative Psychotherapy, where she was first introduced to restorative justice. Kelly spent several years facilitating circles for first-time youth offenders in Boulder County while working as a counselor in school settings where she supported the implementation of restorative practices. Kelly’s trust in the inherent worth and dignity of each person makes her an excellent trainer and coach. She also brings her strategic planning, organizational and project management skills to the team to help ensure effective and thoughtful implementation.

  • Karen Lee
    Karen Lee Associate

    Karen has been a trainer, mentor and coach in Restorative Practices to School staff and students. In addition she has worked as a facilitator with Pikes Peak Restorative Practices and theYouth Transformation Center in both School and Court settings.

    In the time that remains Karen is an avid landscaper.

  • Lynn Lee
    Lynn Lee Associate

    Lynn Lee has been working in Restorative Justice for the past 14 years as a community volunteer, victim advocate, facilitator, trainer and director. She is a retired special education teacher and holds a masters degree in education administration.

    Lynn has been the chair of the Pikes Peak Restorative Justice Council since its inception in 2007 and is also the co-chair of the Manitou Springs Restorative Justice Project. She has successfully facilitated over 500 restorative justice conferences and has worked with the courts, schools, Colorado Dept. of Corrections and Colorado Youth Corrections in implementing and facilitating restorative justice. She is a recipient of the 2013 Pikes Peak Restorative Justice Leadership Award. Lynn facilitated the first high risk victim offender dialogue in Colorado Dept. of Corrections and was appointed to the Colorado State Restorative Justice Council in 2013.